Rent or buy a house in the Netherlands? What you need to know in 2018

Dutchreview, January 31, 2018 by Abuzer Van Leeuwen | All publications

Why Expats often rent (but might be better off to buy a house in the Netherlands)
When you need to move abroad, a rental property is ideal in the beginning and the most common option. Even apart from the fact that a mortgage is not that easily manageable when you’ve just moved to the Netherlands, the search for a good, decent property to purchase can also easily take several months. And once you have found a house to buy in the Netherlands, you might have to wait about a month or 2 for the actual move (unless you find something vacant, in that case you can move in pretty much instantly).

If you are living in the Netherlands for a longer period of time (and we all know life goes fast) things can start to look different. Suppose, at work everything is going fine and you enjoy life in the Netherlands. So, you are thinking to stay here for longer than those few months you had planned for…but then you have to deal with the annual increase of your rent, which makes the decision to buy a house in the Netherlands more interesting.

Furthermore, you come home now to a place that is not yours. But you probably want a house that you can really call home, and has it all when it comes to your wishes in personal taste and perhaps decoration (and like any Dutch person buying a house; for as cheap as possible).

And those 30’s villa’s don’t come cheap

2018 might be the year to buy a house in the Netherlands instead of renting
While the rent is increasing year after year, the current interest rates of a mortgage are extremely low in the Netherlands. And low interest, equals low monthly payments. It is most likely that the rental prices cannot compete with the mortgage payments you have to pay.

Renting in the Netherlands is not cheap and depending on where you are, you could be worse off financially in a rental property. A three-room flat in Amsterdam’s Buitenveldert district will cost you around €1,900 a month in rent, but if you bought the same property, it could be as much as €700 a month cheaper – and that is taking all the bills into account as well. Here are some more comparisons on the costs involved with renting or buying a place in the Netherlands.


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