How to get a mortgage in the Netherlands? The guide to getting a Dutch Mortgage in 2018

Dutchreview, April 17, 2018 by Abuzer Van Leeuwen | All publications

Securing a mortgage in the Netherlands – is this the dream for you?

So you finally decided on buying a house in the Netherlands instead of renting! Great! Congrats to you, that’s a very grown-up move indeed. Now simply make a bid on that house, get it accepted and walk to the bank with a few hundred thousands of euro’s in cash to buy your house in the Netherlands.

What’s that? Don’t have that kind of money stashed in the attic? Then you need to get a mortgage in the Netherlands as an expat (and there are simpler things in life to be honest). So how does one secure a Dutch Mortgage?

This recent-home-buyer here at DutchReview teamed up with the good people of Mortgage Monster in order to get 7 questions about how to get a mortgage in the Netherlands answered.

#1 Who can get a mortgage in the Netherlands?

If you’re planning to buy a house in the Netherlands, then it might be good to know if that is actually possible at all. And often, more is possible than you think, whether you are employed or have your own business. Even if you have another nationality, that does not necessarily have to be an obstacle to get a Dutch mortgage. Whereas in the past, banks were hesitant to give out a mortgage to an international, we now see that more and more mortgage suppliers are adjusting their criteria for obtaining a Dutch mortgage to the situation of you internationals reading this.

Getting a mortgage in the Netherlands: criteria and factors

But there are of course several points of attention that have an effect on the possibility of obtaining a mortgage in the Netherlands and the amount of money that’s involved with it. Just think of the all-round background of the customer or the work situation (yes, permanent contracts are good, but getting a mortgage in the Netherlands is still possible when you’re on a temporary contract).

There’s 1 condition that applies to every bank and everyone applying for a Dutch mortgage: you must live in the Netherlands. If you buy a house and you need a mortgage, then this house must be located in the Netherlands and you must be registered (or register) at a Dutch address. If you also have a BSN number then things just got a whole lot easier.


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