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MortgageMonster: Independent, Professional & Reliable Mortgage Advice for Expats in the Netherlands

MortgageMonster is an informative website that provides guidance for expats who are looking to buy a home in the Netherlands. Our job is to walk you through the entire home buying process so you can buy your dream home without worry. MortgageMonster is part of HypotheekPlatform, a high-quality mortgage consultancy for buyers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Since HypotheekPlatform is an independent company, we can compare virtually all lenders and insurers to get you the best possible mortgage and insurance. We’ve helped thousands of buyers already, and they give our service an average rating of 9.4 out of 10!

Our Monsters



Our Monsters are certified mortgage advisors (Erkend Hypotheekadviseur) that know all the ins and outs of buying a house in The Netherlands. They receive continuous training to stay up-to-date on the industry and help you find the right mortgage with the best possible rate.

We know our way in the labyrinth of lenders, with all their peculiar habits and exotic demands. And we’re not afraid to show them our teeth if needed. The only thing that matters to us is helping you buy a home. Contact us when you’re ready to get started.